Friday, January 21, 2011

PBR drink it, ya asshole

Brew Review: Big Flats Lager

I love cheap beer, who doesn't? With my dreams of summer quickly approaching I figured I should get a leg up on the cheap beer (read: driveway bbq brew) selection. Enter something new, $3.00 for a sixer, available at Walgreen's (I pass 4 of these on my 12ish mile commute everyday) yep its Big Flats Lager.

So how was it you ask, not to bad for a beer that costs $.50 per can. Its pours a very pale yellow, produces a large foamy flavorless head, and tastes as light as beer gets. The only smell or taste I noticed was of cracked corn. Hops are pretty nonexistent in the taste, with malt showing up like that guy at your office swings by the holiday party just long enough to be seen. Would I buy it again, yes I would, but only because of its price and ease of purchase. So give Big Flats a try if you like cheap beer that tastes better than malt liquor.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Brew math for you on a snowy morning

Q: How many beers are in a 1/2 barrel (standard American  keg)?

  • 1 barrel of beer=31 gallons.

  • 1/2 Barrel (keg)=15.5 Gallons or 1984 Fluid Ounces.

  • 1/4 Barrel (pony keg)=7.75 Gallons or 992 Fluid Ounces.

  • There are 128 oz. in 1 gallon.

  • 124 Pints 16-oz. glasses

  • 165 12-oz. glasses

  • 198 10-oz. glasses  Who serves 10oz beers?

  • Not just a delicious beverage but also a worthy song subject

    Wednesday, January 19, 2011

    Beer Culture trailer

    Beer Culture is a documentary film about the growing trend in Craft Beer set in the epicenter of it all, Colorado. Beer Culture explains the cultural phenomenon behind the growth of craft beer telling it through the stories of struggles and successes

    Beer Culture Trailer 1 from FM Productions on Vimeo.


    An actual beer review (i use review loosely)

    Schlafly Irish stout

    Schlafly is a St Louis micro brewery with many great beers available throughout the region from gas stations to bars.  So when my pal gave me an Irish stout to try I was as excited as a raccoon on trash day. This 8% alcohol brew taste nothing like what I thought of when I thought Irish and Stout, it has a light opening with a strong malty finish that almost burns a little bit. The brewer says its a "full-bodied and full-flavored rich, dark ale has a malty sweetness balanced with plenty of hops", I personally think there could be less malts and more hops. But dont let that distract you form buying this beer, its is of excellent quality and is strong enough to make you forget all about the fact that the police are knocking at your door.

    In summary Schlafly Irish Stout is a strong brew for people that have a passion for quality original stouts. I would recommend the pairing of one of these beers with a traditional meat and potatoes type of dinner.

    Till next time drink up.

    Mid day mindless entertainment

    If you are like me and chained to a desk all day, then probably enjoy mindless entertainment breaks .
    Today will be the 1st in a loose series of party FAILS

     Well maybe not all of them are fails.... ;-)

    Bottling Mr Beer

    Last night marked a monumental occasion of sorts, the bottling of the Mr Beer. This mean I only have 1-1.5 weeks till i'm enjoying (hopefully) my own fresh brew. For a little insight into what goes on during the bottling process check out the video.

    Yep, its that exciting but necessary, so check this video out.

    What the @#$%

    Tuesday, January 18, 2011

    Something for the Old school brewheads

    From time to time I will take a break from posting bikinis with brew or crud humor to salute the art of the old school beer commercial. God bless America

    Floating beer pong and an built in bottle opener, wowsers

    Its on, I just got the email from Capt'n Jack and we shall commence the taste testing and possible bottling process this evening. For those of you that dont know I am talking about the Mr beer brew it yourself beer kit. The cheapest and easiest way to get into home brewing.  Check out the video below:

    Monday, January 17, 2011

    Why not pick up a Labatt holiday pack ???

    Mr Beer

    Today marks the 7th day of fermentation with my Mr Beer brew it yourself kit. Tonight we will taste test and determine if its time to bottle. I will update with info and commentary about the bottling procedure when we do it, until then check out this vid about Mr Beer.

    What its all about my friends...

    One to many for Ole Steve, DUI on the scissor lift

    Does it really get any better than this ?

    Who wants to go fishing?

    Playoff football New Beligum style.

    That's right folks, this past weekend I witnessed 2 great days of playoff football along with 2 great beers by New Belgium brewery.

    Saturday, brought me the Ravens vs the Steelers in what did not disappoint in a ole school physical kind of way. As well as the battle of two impressive young qb's known as Green bay vs Atlanta. The brew i deemed worthy of such a football spectacle on this day was New Belgium Fat Tire ale. A balanced beer with what i feel is a great ratio of hoppy goodness vs what the brewer calls "biscuit like malts". Regardless of how you feel about baked goods most brewheads would agree that Fat Tire starts with a mild hop flavor and finished with a darker more roasty taste. Much like Arron Rogers, is a great all-around-er that never seems to get the amount of  appreciation i feel it deserves.

    Sunday, sunday, sunday...
    Sunday brought me a home full of buddy's and a  2 more stellar NFL performances. Seattle vs Chicago in what i was hoping would be a more entertaining game, and The Jets vs The Pats. A east coast slug fest with west side story sounding names. The brew on this day was New Belgium Abbey, a strong malty flavored brew. Having won many awards the brewer refers to this Belgian dubbel style beer as a the "Mark Spitz of our lineup".  I can see why it is so popular, 7% alcohol and a smooth malty finish make this beer on of those "if I'm only having 1-2 brews tonight" kind of experiences. Great sipping beer, for a day of relaxing and bs'ing with fellow brewheads.