Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An actual beer review (i use review loosely)

Schlafly Irish stout

Schlafly is a St Louis micro brewery with many great beers available throughout the region from gas stations to bars.  So when my pal gave me an Irish stout to try I was as excited as a raccoon on trash day. This 8% alcohol brew taste nothing like what I thought of when I thought Irish and Stout, it has a light opening with a strong malty finish that almost burns a little bit. The brewer says its a "full-bodied and full-flavored rich, dark ale has a malty sweetness balanced with plenty of hops", I personally think there could be less malts and more hops. But dont let that distract you form buying this beer, its is of excellent quality and is strong enough to make you forget all about the fact that the police are knocking at your door.

In summary Schlafly Irish Stout is a strong brew for people that have a passion for quality original stouts. I would recommend the pairing of one of these beers with a traditional meat and potatoes type of dinner.

Till next time drink up.

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