Friday, January 21, 2011

Brew Review: Big Flats Lager

I love cheap beer, who doesn't? With my dreams of summer quickly approaching I figured I should get a leg up on the cheap beer (read: driveway bbq brew) selection. Enter something new, $3.00 for a sixer, available at Walgreen's (I pass 4 of these on my 12ish mile commute everyday) yep its Big Flats Lager.

So how was it you ask, not to bad for a beer that costs $.50 per can. Its pours a very pale yellow, produces a large foamy flavorless head, and tastes as light as beer gets. The only smell or taste I noticed was of cracked corn. Hops are pretty nonexistent in the taste, with malt showing up like that guy at your office swings by the holiday party just long enough to be seen. Would I buy it again, yes I would, but only because of its price and ease of purchase. So give Big Flats a try if you like cheap beer that tastes better than malt liquor.


  1. Life is too short for cheap beer!

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