Monday, January 17, 2011

Playoff football New Beligum style.

That's right folks, this past weekend I witnessed 2 great days of playoff football along with 2 great beers by New Belgium brewery.

Saturday, brought me the Ravens vs the Steelers in what did not disappoint in a ole school physical kind of way. As well as the battle of two impressive young qb's known as Green bay vs Atlanta. The brew i deemed worthy of such a football spectacle on this day was New Belgium Fat Tire ale. A balanced beer with what i feel is a great ratio of hoppy goodness vs what the brewer calls "biscuit like malts". Regardless of how you feel about baked goods most brewheads would agree that Fat Tire starts with a mild hop flavor and finished with a darker more roasty taste. Much like Arron Rogers, is a great all-around-er that never seems to get the amount of  appreciation i feel it deserves.

Sunday, sunday, sunday...
Sunday brought me a home full of buddy's and a  2 more stellar NFL performances. Seattle vs Chicago in what i was hoping would be a more entertaining game, and The Jets vs The Pats. A east coast slug fest with west side story sounding names. The brew on this day was New Belgium Abbey, a strong malty flavored brew. Having won many awards the brewer refers to this Belgian dubbel style beer as a the "Mark Spitz of our lineup".  I can see why it is so popular, 7% alcohol and a smooth malty finish make this beer on of those "if I'm only having 1-2 brews tonight" kind of experiences. Great sipping beer, for a day of relaxing and bs'ing with fellow brewheads.

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